iPhone 12 Release Date : With latest design and specs

We are closing in on the iPhone 12 release and we are now have had an iphone 12 launch day leak for all four models this week. So it’s time to sit back for my latest news about the apple iphone 12 release date and price with my latest phone review of designs and specs.

Latest iphone review of designs and specs.

The end of the tunnel for the iphone 12 looks like. it’s in sight but it may seem the tunnel might be a little longer than we expected what i will tell you about in a moment. All the iphone model specs and the apple iphone 12 launch date along with the iphone 12 price. Let’s dive in on the latest iPhone 12 and iphone 12 Pro news. So since the iPhone 11 there’s been lots of iPhone 12 leaks given. New leak we’ve had from ross young. 

I’m going to be honest it’s not the best news we’ve heard the leak now tells us for the first time since about 2011. This year apple’s hardware events will be switched around for this fall, so what i mean is normally apple always do an event in September for iphones and the apple watch in recent years however this year. We’ll be getting the apple watch and the ipad reveal first before the actual iPhone 12. 

Apple 11 (256GB) - Green

These dates as you can see here is the apple watch and the ipad reveal will be some point on week commencing September the 7th. The iphone event will be happening on week commencing October the 12th ross young has also revealed that the normal iPhone 12 models. So this is the iphone 12 and the 12 max will be ready for pre-orders on the same week as the iphone 12 event. What is also October the 12th or week commencing October the 12th and then we’ll be able to get a hand on those two iphones on October the 19th or week commencing October 19th. 

For the pro model sadly we’ll have to wait a little longer. We’ve been advised that both pre-orders and shipping will take place in November for both of the pro models with no exact date as of yet. However the moment we hear the leak of the date we will let you known here. These dates may leave a bit of as our taste in your mouth. But we’ve all got to remember here guys that this year hasn’t been the most pleasant around the world. The pandemic has stopped months of productions and disrupted the norm loads this year.

Apple 11 Pro Max (64GB) - Midnight Green

I think we have to be fair here that apple would have released their iphone 12 range similar to a release time scale from last year, but this year it just can’t be helped in the past even without a pandemic. We have had similar dates like this before if we cast our mind back to 2017 with the launch of the iphone8 and the x or 10.  The iphone event did happen in September time on the 12th and the iphone 8 came out a few weeks later on September the 22nd

However for the iphone 10 the release was almost two months later after the September iPhone announcement and came out on November the 3rd. The good news we have here is we’ll only have to wait around month for the iphone 12 pro models after the official iphone 12 event compared to 2017. When we had to wait two months later with the iphone 10 let’s start with the standard iphone 12.


IPhone 12

12 is the smallest one that will come out this year. It has a 5.4 inch display and it will beano led display this time instead of an LCD display. That we had had on the iphone 11 and the iphone XR and previous other iphones as well. Its resolution comes in at 2340 by 1080 now there has been rumors going around that all the iphone 12 would have a 120 hertz display. I’m afraid that is not the case here it will only have a standard 60hz display definitely on this phone.

but though you will get four gigs of ram inside this iphone 12 with the options of 128 gigabytes 256 gigabytes storage options. On top of that as well you do get that A14 bionic this is apple’s newest a chip and it will have 5g connectivity. on top of that as well the actual phone body will actually be made out of an aluminum body this time for this iPhone 12 and the next one we’ll see in the moon. The back we have a very very similar setup to the iphone 11.

Where we’ll have a dual camera setup however though we have been told that the camera lenses will be changed this year to be better on top of that as well. The battery inside the iphone 12 will be a 2227 milliamp battery the base model is coming in at 699 us dollars and that will give us the four gigs of ram and the 128 gigabyte storage space insides.


IPhone 12 Max

next iphone is the 12 max not to be confused with the pro max it’s just 12 max and this iphone will feature a bigger display than its little brother with a 6.1 inch OLED display. If you recognize 6.1 yes that is the same display size as the iphone 11 and the iphone XR. This display like i said is an OLED display and it comes in at 2532 x 1170 pixels. again it will have a 60 hertz refresh rate as well the specs are very similar to that 5.4 inch iphone where you’ll get 4 GB of ram 128GB or 256 gigabyte storage options.

You get that brilliantly new A14 bionic processor with 5g connectivity and that body for this iphone will be made out of aluminum. As well for camera setup like i said on the other iphone. it will be a dual camera setup but we will see some new lens on it. battery size we get a 2775 milliamp battery the base model for this one is starting at 799 us dollars and that will give you the four gigs of ram and the 128 gigabyte storage option iphone 12 max so those are the normal iphone 12 as it were out of the way we are now stepping into the pro territory and the first iPhone 12 pro we have is a 6.1inch display 12 pro this is an increase on the 5.8

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11 pro that came out in 2019 again it has an OLED display and again it has that resolution of 2532 by 1170 now the next bit of information we’re getting conflicts we have heard that the iPhones and all the iphone 12 this year will have a 60hz display however we have heard other leaks as well there is a possibility of 120 hertz but no one can confirm which one is true and which one is not so we’ll just have to wait and see closer to the time this iphone though does come with six gigs of ram it comes with a choice of 128 256 and a 512 gigabyte storage again.

It has a A14 bionic with 5G connectivity but the frame this time of this body of this iPhone is actually made out of stainless steel this time on the back we will again get that triple camera set up and this time there is a possibility that we will have a lidar sensor this is the same sensor that is on the 2020 ipad pro again this information keeps conflicting that we will get this or not but we’ll just have to wait and see on top of that as well we have a 2700 milliamp battery inside the same as the 12 max and the base model is coming in at 999 us dollars for that six gigs of ram and the 128 gigabytes storage option. 


IPhone 12 pro Max

Finally we have the last one the beast we have the iphone 12 pro max and this iphone comes in with a 6.7 inch OLED display with a resolution of 2778 x 1280. Again we’re unclear if it’ll have the 60 hertz or 120 hertz just like the smaller pro and again. It comes with six gigs of ram the choice of 128, 256 or 512 gigabyte storage options. We get that A14 bionic with 5g connectivity as well and on top. We also get that lovely new stainless steel frame body. 

The camera setup is similar to the pro we will get that triple camera setup and again that conflict of knowing if we will get a lidar sensor or not the battery inside. This 12 pro max is a 3687 milliamp battery size the base model is coming in at 1099 us dollars and that will give you the six gigabyte ram model and 128 gigabytes storage for ports on all the iphones. They will feature a lightning connection not a USB-C. 


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