How to set up internet Connection DIR-615 Wireless N Router

D-link dir 615 makes it easy to create a high-performance wireless and network notice. Your router may look a bit different depending on when and where you bought it. To setup just plug it in and connect the cable from your cable modem or DSL router to the port marked internet.

How to Router


The power LED on the front will turn orange. Then green, there’s another LED that shows as Soon as Your internet link is active. It will blink green if your connections live or orange if there’s a problems. Third LED that looks like waves blinks green if the router is emitting a wireless signal. Software setup is easy. Connect your PC to one of the high-speed Ethernet ports on the back of the dir 615.


If possible use the Identical computer that was originally connected to your cable DSL router. You can also connect to the wireless network created by the dir 615. The default name or SSID is d-link after everything’s connected turn off your cable or DSL modem. Wait moment and turn it back on in. Many cases your internet connection will work automatically and you can skip right to setting up your wireless network. Otherwise you’ll need to configure the Online connection yourself. After you connect open a browser type HTTP colon slash slash in the address bar. Click got configure your router.


You’ll need to provide the administrator password the first time you login to your router. The password will be blank you can set up your internet connection using the Handy. Online connection setup wizard or enter your settings manually. let’s go through the steps using the wizard first. Enter a new administrator password you ought to Supply this to change router settings in the Upcoming note. That this is not the same as the wireless password you’ll enter, that next choose your timezone.

Now you will need to configure your internet connection, this step varies depending on how you connect several larger Internet service provider. Re-listed in the drop down box for you to choose select yours and follow the instructions on the screen to finish setting up your connection. Call your ISP if you have any problems. You’ll Have to do a little extra work first select your connection type.


If you’re not sure check with your ISP if you use a cable modem you probably have a DHCP connection choose that option and click Next you won’t usually need to change any settings on this screen. so click Next to continue the setup process if you do have any problems your ISP can help if you use DSL you Probably have a connection but again you’ll want to double check that with your ISP choose the option and click Next you’ll need to enter a username and password in Addition to several other items you should have received this information from your ISP.

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When you sign up for service if not give them. A call once this info is entered click Next on the following screen. Click connect to save your settings, wait a moment while your router reboots after it’s done your internet connection will be ready. Now it’s time to configure your wireless network start. Your browser again and go back to HTTP colon slash slash in the Event.


That You set an administrator password before you’ll Have to provide it to login now select wireless settings on the left and then choose wireless network setup wizard on the next page enter a network name or SSID next choose menu Lee assign a network key that’s just your wireless security password this is the one you Want to connect to the wireless network assigning it manually means you can choose one yourself otherwise the router can create one for you finally click the box that says use WPA encryption it’s more secure and it works with almost all modern computers tablets and smartphones.

After that click next now it’s time to enter your wireless security password you will have to supply this the first time you connect to the network. Please note It bought to Be different from the administrator password that you set when you configure your internet interconnection wear. Security password must beat least eight characters long it can include both letters and numbers when finished click Next review your setting sand then click Save.

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